Total Shaving Solution™ is kind to your skin

It is estimated that 90% of all men shave once a day…which means that on average a man shaves 20,000 times during his lifetime…or spends a total of 5 months of his life shaving.

Given that, you want shaving to be a pleasant task, yet research shows that 75% of men view shaving as a chore to be faced up to, day after day.

Indeed many men simply accept the irritation, redness and discomfort which they experience after shaving with a gel or foam. This suffering is unnecessary, as Total Shaving Solution™ oil gives you the smoothest, closest, most comfortable shave ever, without skin irritation, redness, cuts or raw skin.

The lubricating effect of Total Shaving Solution™ allows your razor to glide over your skin and cut the hairs without cutting your skin.

The natural oils moisturise, with none of the drying effects of chemicals or alcohol-based products, so that rather than leaving your skin feeling tight, dry and sore, Total Shaving Solution™leaves your skin toned, hydrated and pain-free. For more information on how to get a great shave, see our shaving tips and tricks.

Just imagine – you can now have terrific skin without the post-shaving irritation!

Give it a try today, we are so confident that ours is the best shave oil, we offer a money back guarantee. Take a look at the testimonials given to us by our happy customers.