Why use Total Shaving Solution™ Shaving Oil?

There are many reasons for using Total Shaving Solution™.

It prevents razor burn

Our 100% natural oils both lubricate and protect the skin, giving you a smooth, close shave with no razor burn. See more on how to prevent razor burn

It’s kind to your skin

Don’t let another day of your life pass by suffering with blotchy, cut, red and sore post-shave skin. There’s no need to view shaving as a torturous chore.

It gives you the closest shave ever

Once you’ve got over the misconception that what you need for a close shave is a huge foam ‘beard’, you’ll see that Total Shaving SolutionTM shave oil gives an incredibly close, yet comfortable shave. Find out more about how to shave

It’s economical

With Total Shaving SolutionTM there’s absolutely no waste. Because you only need 3 drops per shave, each 10ml bottle lasts for an incredible 90 shaves, and even better still, the 25ml bottle gives you 225 of the best shaves you’ll ever experience!.

It’s kind to nature

Total Shaving SolutionTM is a natural product, and its packaging is small and entirely recyclable, so it’s gentle on the environment. Find out more about our environmentally friendly shave oil.