Total Shaving Solution™ is kind to nature

Because Total Shaving Solution™ is used in such small quantities – only 3 drops per shave, a little goes a long way. We go by the old dictum ‘quality rather than quantity’, and this means that a tiny 10ml bottle will last you three months.

Of course what this means is that we use far less packaging, less transportation and that there’s less waste once you’ve used the product. In addition to this, Total Shaving Solution™ is packaged entirely of recyclable materials, and is produced here in Ireland, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

A comparison:

In fact, if we use the figure that it’s estimated that the average man shaves 20,000 times during his lifetime, we can compare the amount he’ll use as a Total Shaving Solution™ user, as opposed to a gel or foam user.

If we say that the average can of shaving foam or gel gives you 38 shaves, in a lifetime the difference would be:

222 x 10ml recyclable plastic bottles


666 x large metal cans

…or a whopping 200% extra waste per person!!


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