Total Shaving Solution™ gives the closest shave

There’s nothing better than the feeling of a really close, smooth shave, and ever since the ancient Greeks and Romans, a clean-shaven face has been synonymous with a professional, successful image.

A close shave makes an impression, leaving you looking clean, smooth, smart and distinctive. Naturally, with Total Shaving Solution™ we recommend that you follow our instructions to get the best results.

Many men have difficulty trimming beards and goatees, because they can’t see where they are shaving with all the foam and gel. Uneven edges on beards and goatees don’t look professional.

With Total Shaving Solution™ there is no lather so therefore you can see exactly where you want to shave. This gives you the perfect result making sure you look clean and smart.

The essential natural oils include clove bud, sesame seed, lavender and menthol, and leave you with a cool clean look, and a fresh aroma as well.

Total Shaving Solution™ makes your skin feel good like a great shave should!

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